LEGO Digital Designer and CAD drawings

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Bank of Bricks

This is another modular building that corresponds with these. The inspiration for the architecture came from the Bank of America building opposite to the Departement of the Treasury and the White House at 1501 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC.

You may remember some features from the Lego set 10211 Grand Emporium. That is no coincidence. I stole them because they are actually pretty good.

The model doesn’t have that much functionality because I found the architecture more important and any more features like an extra office or bank vaults clearly would have gone beyond the scope of normal modular buildings.

What you cannot see in the pictures is a room with an ATM machine and statement printer behind the side entrance. This would be open at night, with the lobby and main rooms closed for public.

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What I did during my trip to Dallas up until now. Stuff that I built using the LEGO Digital Designer. Fun.


Aaron Wulf’s cars: Both were used in the LEGO City Undercover game but are used to represent of what my fursona drives in. One is used to chase outlaws, and the other is for standard use for driving. He’s a bounty hunter in a future rp with a friend online.

Bounty hunter mobile base: Acts as a home for my fursona. The inside of the trailer home acts like the TARDIS from Dr.Who. While the back portion… well.. I have to fix that…later. Colour scheme is suppost to be based from G1 Optimus Prime. Why? Because.

Ironette (427): Based on an actual character that I have right now. And let me tell you this. XD; I’M NOT BUILDING A TRAIN LIKE THAT NO MORE.

4-6: standard coach desing that 427 pulls. However the yellow coach and the caboose were based from LEGOs old 9 volt train products. I uh… extended them a bit.

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